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The Heir

Buckle up, ladies! You just received your acceptance letter to Kingmakers. You’ve never experienced so much raging hormones, bitter grudges, violent angst, and nail-biting mystery. Keep your eyes open for Easter Eggs from the Underworld and Brutal Birthright series, as well as plenty of clues for the twists, turns, and dark secrets that will be revealed at Kingmakers. – Sophie

The Rebel

Ohhhh Miles… what happens when you mix my all-time favorite couple from Brutal Prince? You get 75% Aida’s recklessness + 75% Callum’s ruthlessness = 150% Miles. The Rebel is intense, driven, and doesn’t give a f%$# what anybody thinks, until he meets Zoe. – Sophie

The Bully

My very first inspiration for Kingmakers was Dean Yenin. I wanted to write a true anti-hero who would need to undergo a very serious change in his character to complete his redemption arc. Dean will make you feel all the things, sometimes against your will. You’ll love him and hate him and love him again, and never get him out of your head. – Sophie

Brutal Birthright

Brutal Prince

Aida is my spirit animal. She’s wild, passionate, and outrageous. Callum is the only man who can tame her. These two start out trying to rip each other apart. Soon they can only rip each other’s clothes off. I love this story because it launches the saga of the Griffins and the Gallos, and because it has so much humor and heart mixed in with the danger and adventure. – Sophie

Stolen Heir

Ohhh Mikolaj… my secret book boyfriend. He’s dark and moody and he lives in a haunted mansion. I had some real gothic Beauty and the Beast vibes writing this one. Nessa is my little ballerina Belle — smart and creative and kind. The only person who could melt Miko’s frozen heart. – Sophie

Savage Lover

I like to call Savage Lover my “James Dean meets Fast and the Furious” novel. Nero is the ultimate Lothario. But Camille is so genuine and down-to-earth that she finds the soul inside the sinner. As my favorite review said, it’s “two people who believed they were unworthy of love, until they met each other”. – Sophie

Bloody Heart

At long last, Dante’s story! I know you guys were the most excited for this one. It’s my longest book yet — epic in story, timescale, heartbreak, and angst. And epically spicy too — be warned!!! There’s a scene with a belt that had me dragging Mr. Lark into my writing room. As an added bonus, you’ll meet Raylan, who will return as the hero of Broken Vow. – Sophie

Broken Vow

I knew I needed someone hot as hell to melt Riona’s icy heart. Raylan is a rancher, a soldier, and a southern boy with charm to burn. Best of all, he loves a challenge. My favorite parts to write were the fish-out-of-water scenes, when uptight Riona ends up on Raylan’s ranch. I loved finding creative ways for Raylan to use his riding crop… – Sophie

Heavy Crown

I knew I had to end the Brutal Birthright series with the biggest twists, the most intense action, and the hottest hero yet. I’ve always had a soft spot for Sebastian from the very first book – you’re going to be so surprised where his journey takes him! – Sophie

Standalone Books


Two of my favorite films are “La La Land” and “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, because they show how Hollywood can be a world unto itself, with its own history and culture. We all consume movies created there, without really understanding what it means to live and work in that space. I thought it would be fascinating to throw an outsider into that hotbed of glamor and sin, with the imperative of unearthing a secret that everyone else wants to keep buried… – Sophie