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A Star Is Strangled…

Clara was Hollywood’s hottest rising star, until someone murdered her on the Paramount lot.

I went to claim her body. The producers offered me a job instead.

Clara and I may have looked like twins, but we’re nothing alike. She loved being splashed across the silver screen and the gossip pages, dating co-stars and gangsters.

I’m just a broke student with a knack for languages.

I took the job, but not because I care about finishing the film.

I want to know what happened to my sister.

I’m surrounded by jealous actresses, crazed fans, and ruthless directors. The only person I can trust is an off-duty detective who may be more distracting than helpful.

I only have two weeks before the movie wraps. And I may be working right next to a killer…

The Lark Notes:
Two of my favorite films are "La La Land" and "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood", because they show how Hollywood can be a world unto itself, with its own history and culture. We all consume movies created there, without really understanding what it means to live and work in that space. I thought it would be fascinating to throw an outsider into that hotbed of glamor and sin, with the imperative of unearthing a secret that everyone else wants to keep buried… – Sophie

"Starlet" is a Romantic Mystery set in Hollywood’s Golden Age, right at the cusp of the Second World War. It includes both fictional and real-life characters like Clark Gable and Cecil B. DeMille. This standalone novel includes steamy scenes for mature readers only.