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She Tried To Kill Me...

She crept into my room with a syringe full of poison.

Now she’s my prisoner.

She refuses to tell me who sent her or why.

But I’ll get every last secret out of her. Through pleasure or through punishment.

I captured her and now she belongs to me…


A Love Worth Fighting For…

In the ring they call me Snow, because I’m stone cold. I don’t feel fear or pain... I don’t feel much of anything.

Or at least, that’s how it was until I met innocent little Sasha.

She doesn’t belong in my world. She’s trapped here because she owes a debt she can’t possibly pay...

I want this girl more than I’ve ever wanted anything. The problem is, she already belongs to a Bratva boss who plans to sell her virginity to the highest bidder.

I have to find a way to set her free.

I want to be her first, and her last…


He’ll Never See It Coming…

I never thought I’d get revenge on Roman Turgenev. He was a Bratva prince, I was a nobody. So I don’t know why he turned his gorgeous green eyes on me, and decided to spend every single day of high school torturing me.

Now he’s the head of the Paris Mafia, more powerful than ever. To me, he’s the same arrogant bully I used to know. I don’t care if he’s trying to be nice to me. It’s only because he needs my help...

And I am going to help him. Or at least, I’ll pretend for a while...

I’ll get close to him.
I’ll learn all his secrets.
And then I’ll destroy him...


My Hostage. Her Secret. Our Enemy.

Taking the commissioner’s daughter wasn’t part of the plan. It should have been an easy smash and grab. Instead I captured Lara, so scared and helpless…

I never want to let her go.

I’m obsessed with her. A Bratva shouldn’t be this close to the law. But I can’t keep my hands off her.

My desire for this girl is an inferno, threatening to consume everything I hold dear.

She has a dark past, and an even darker purpose...

I’ll have to pry her secrets out of her. Before they destroy us both.


I Know Her Secret…

I saw her singing in a seedy little nightclub.

My boss says I’m supposed to kidnap Violet and bring her back to Paris.

The Bratva have a plan for her.

But the closer I get to Violet, the more I want her for myself.

I’ll take her from her bed in the middle of the night. I’ll bring her into my world.

And I’ll show her who she really is…


Enemies From Birth…

The Markovs and the Lebedevs have been bloody rivals for generations.

Nadia Lebedev is the ultimate forbidden fruit: a mafia princess engaged to another man.

From the moment I see her, I want her for myself.

Every day that passes, I become more obsessed with her.

She’s seeking the answer to a mystery, and so am I…

How can I make her mine once and for all?


I Was A Master Thief…

Until a girl snatched the biggest prize of my career out of my hand.

She’s on the run from a lovestruck detective and the Italian mafia.

But the one person she won’t be able to shake is me.

I want payment for the trouble she caused…

Even if I have to take it out of her body.


Sixteen years ago I made a terrible mistake…

Now I’m back in London, and I’ve just bumped into Holly Summers. She was the literal girl next door – a cute skinny redhead who’s turned into the most gorgeous women I’ve ever seen.

She needs my help. She’s running a political campaign targeted by a mad bomber.

I want to keep her safe, but I keep seeing evidence of an old enemy back from the dead.

I have to solve this mystery before I lose my childhood love again.

I won’t make the same mistake twice.