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He’ll Never See It Coming…

I never thought I’d get revenge on Roman Turgenev. He was a Bratva prince, I was a nobody. So I don’t know why he turned his gorgeous green eyes on me, and decided to spend every single day of high school torturing me.

Now he’s the head of the Paris Mafia, more powerful than ever. To me, he’s the same arrogant bully I used to know. I don’t care if he’s trying to be nice to me. It’s only because he needs my help...

And I am going to help him. Or at least, I’ll pretend for a while...

I’ll get close to him.
I’ll learn all his secrets.
And then I’ll destroy him...

The Lark Notes:

My first bully-lite romance. This one takes a minute to get going but Roman and Mila come together hard... Don't miss The Bully at Kingmakers – Sophie

“Roman” is a bully mafia romance, Book 3 in the Underworld series. It’s an intense, violent, and sexually charged stand-alone novel. Complete with HEA and no cliff-hangers, plus enough steamy scenes to set your kindle on fire!

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