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The Rebel

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I Want The One Girl I Can’t Have...

Zoe Romero is trapped in a marriage contract with the most sadistic psychopath at Kingmakers.

She couldn’t be more off-limits. Stealing her from Rocco Prince would break the most ironclad rules of the mafia world.

But I have to have her. She’s my soulmate. I want her, or no one at all.

I’ll do anything to save her. Rocco will do anything to destroy her.

I’ve got one chance to achieve the impossible...

The Lark Notes:

Ohhhh Miles... what happens when you mix my all-time favorite couple from Brutal Prince? You get 75% Aida’s recklessness + 75% Callum’s ruthlessness = 150% Miles. The Rebel is intense, driven, and doesn’t give a f%$# what anybody thinks, until he meets Zoe. – Sophie

“The Rebel” is is the second book in the epic dark mafia Kingmakers series. It’s a forbidden romance, full of jealousy, desire, and a hero who will do anything to save the woman he loves.

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